Time for a Tune-Up?

Right now, if you were asked to described the state of your marriage to a friend what would you say?

  • "It's perfect! I don't think we could be happier!"
  • "It's good, but I wish we could get back to the way we were at the beginning. Better conversation and better sex!"
  • "It's literal chaos... I'd do almost anything for five minutes of peace and tranquility."
  • "To be honest, I don't think this relationship is going to last much longer. There's no love left to give."

If you said "it's perfect!" then I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed my services, please feel free to spread the word. If you said any of the other three, then perhaps it's time you took stock in your relationship and gave it a tune-up.

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What Does it Mean to Be In Marriage Counseling?

It means that you and your partner are looking to improve your relationship. You're simply aspiring to have the healthy, happy and satisfying relationship that you deserve. Whether you're looking for improved communication, better sex, more manageable conflicts, or something else, marriage counseling is the way to go.

On average, couples wait around seven years before they finally seek professional help - that's terrifying! And of course, it only pushes the common belief that people only go to Marriage Counseling when their relationship is on the rocks. While Marriage counseling can certainly help couple's contemplating divorce, it's not exclusively for such matters.

How I Can Help.

As a therapist with specialized training in marriage counseling, I will work with you and your partner to identify and overcome the challenges you are encountering in your marriage. Specifically, I will assist you by highlighting the patterns of communication and behavior that are hurting your relationship. From there, I'll work with you to create new, more effective and healthy, patterns that will pave the way for your and your partner's ideal relationship. 

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Just A Few Reasons People Seek Marriage Counseling

  • Difficulty communicating and/or feeling unheard by your partner
  • Feeling like you're stuck, or not sure what to do next in your relationship
  • Struggling to cope with your or your partner's emotional or physical affair
  • Your, or your partner's addiction is damaging the relationship
  • Differences in opinions on how you should raise your children is straining the relationship
  • Challenges with immediate or extended family
  • Lacking sexual or emotional passion

This list is certainly not exhaustive, so if you feel your concerns are not listed above, or if you're still unsure whether Marriage Counseling is right for you, please call me or email me and we can discuss any questions you might have.