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Steps towards sobriety

When it comes to Addiction, nothing is simple. It can affect your family, friends, loved ones, school, career and several other areas of your life - it's overwhelming to say the absolute least. The good news though is that treatment doesn't need  to be so complicated; that's what I'm here for. Whether this is or your first attempt towards sobriety or not I'm here to guide, support, and teach you how to get there. 

What does addiction look like? 

Addiction looks like a disease; like diabetes or cancer. While researchers and medical professionals are still unsure whether addiction should be classified as a disease, it seems to operate like one. 

Like diabetes, there is no magic pill or vaccine to cure it, only ways to manage it. Like cancer, treating addiction early is best to prevent worse outcomes. And finally, like either of the diseases mentioned already, anyone can be affected. Addiction does not discriminate between race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, economic status or even astrological sign. Addiction can affect anyone.

Addiction is not a choice but Recovery is

Because of that, I want to make sure you get exactly the help you need. Addiction affects everyone around it and in order to fight back I will work with the individual, the couple, and/or the loved ones(s) being affected by Addiction. During counseling I will work with you to identify the patterns and life experiences that perpetuate your addiction cycle (within and outside of your relationships) and together we will create new strategies that allow you to live the healthy and sober life you want.