Looking for Change?

Excellent! It takes a great deal of courage to admit that something's askew in your life, so thank you for taking the first (and arguably) the most difficult step towards help. Now all you need is a good therapist! Hopefully, I can help with that.

Hello, my name is Kendall Campbell. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist-Associate in North Austin. I specialize in helping couples communicate effectively, manage and resolve conflict, and repair any damage done so they can experience the healthy and happy relationship they want and deserve. 

Individual needs?

Don't worry, I work with individuals too! If you're struggling with anxiety or depression, having difficulty managing your emotions,or finding it difficult to cope with the stress of life, I can help. 

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Weddings are wonderful! Months of planning, prepping, organizing and no doubt stressing to create the perfect day. During this exciting process why not take some time to invest in the days after you say "I Do!"? 

During our sessions you and your partner will learn exactly what it takes to ensure that your marriage is the happy, healthy, and satisfying one each of you deserves.

If you're wanting to enhance your passion and love, give it one last go before discussing divorce, or simply regain peace and connection in your relationship, then this is the counseling for you.

During our time together, I will help you and your partner develop (or strengthen) the skills you need to identify and successfully communicate your needs, as individuals and as a couple unit.

Sometimes one person just isn't enough. They say two brains are better than one to solve a problem, so why not add a few more to really get the ball rolling!

In group therapy you and up to five others will meet once a week to learn how to overcome the common challenges that you each face. 

How would you describe your family dynamic? Is it functional or more along the lines of complete and utter chaos? If you're leaning more towards the utter chaos side of things don't worry, that's normal - especially if you're struggling to merge two families into one! 

In family therapy, you'll learn how to effectively manage your family dynamic and (if needed) you'll learn how to successfully blend two families.

It's officially happening... You're about to be (or just recently became) a parent. What the hell do you do now? First, breath. Second, go to therapy. 

Becoming a parent is a huge life transition and there's a lot to think about! In Parental Counseling we'll discuss how to manage those first nine-months as well as provide you with the tools you'll need to in the days thereafter.