The Struggle is Real!

Life is difficult! It seems like everyday brings an added stressor; financial issues, work problems, car troubles, etc. Fortunately, when we return home at the end of the day we have a loving, caring family to help us wind down. They listen to your concerns, bolster your spirits, help provide solutions to your problems or at the very least sit with you in your struggles. 

The family dynamic mentioned above is the family I want for you. More often than not, families have experienced it before. However, every so often life throws us something we're not prepared for or we begin to become too comfortable with our everyday routine and start slacking in areas that keep that ideal family dynamic strong. 

It's Okay to Ask!

No matter what your're struggling with - family conflict, a teen's challenging behavior, communicating with your co-parent, etc. -  It's okay to ask for help. All families at one point or another struggle. The greatest families however, know when to ask for help. By seeking out family therapy, you send a strong message to your family that says, "I want the best for us. We deserve to be happy and healthy and I'm going to make sure we get there!"

Common Reasons People Seek Family Therapy:

  • Wanting to improve communication between family members
  • Looking for assistance during transitions of divorce, remarriage, or other life interruptions
  • Needing help coping with change or loss
  • Differences in opinions on child rearing
  • Feelings of "Me vs Them" 

This list is certainly not exhaustive, so if you feel your concerns are not listed but you're still unsure whether Family Therapy is right for you, please call or email me and we can discuss any questions you might have.